Artist Spotlight

Multidisciplinary Illustrator Nathan Yoder shares more about the process of creating the newly refreshed Stetson crest.

Yondr Studio was invited by Dallas, TX based, Tractorbeam to collaborate on this legendary rebrand.

Nathan reworked the historical crest that has represented Stetson since the founding in 1865 to modernize the look while honoring the past. 

The objective was to reinvigorate the crest with Stetson’s values of craftsmanship, quality, and heritage. To do this, we looked to the earliest versions of the crest—which had been reproduced by way of handmade wood engravings—while also diving into the meaning beneath the symbolism present in the crest.
These early engravings told the story of artisans intimately involved in their craft and the sense of importance they invested in their work—an impression that was not being effectively communicated through the digitally rendered version of the crest to be reworked.

The Beaver

In folklore and tradition, beavers are often used as examples of ingenuity, persistence, diligence, productivity, and achievement – traits that characterize both the Stetson brand and the men and women who wear it.

The Griffin

The griffin, a mixture of a lion and an eagle, has historically been used to represent courage, boldness, strength, and leadership. Coupled with the work ethic of the beaver, these two creatures create a formidable partnership. Their union speaks to the resourceful, diverse, authentic, and timeless American spirit that embodies the Stetson name.

The Soft Hat

The phase of the hat making process, represented by this soft hat utilizes a rope-wound roller to help in the shrinking process of the felt material. This symbol represents Stetson’s dedication to quality and excellence above all.

The Shield

The shield is an amalgamation of elements from the American flag, an eagle from the five dollar gold coin, and the Stetson family crest, featuring a diagonal striped shield flanked by two horses calling back to Stetson’s Western roots.

From the turn of the century and beyond, Stetson was worn by thousands of men, the known and unknown, who were living the American spirit.