Diamond Cross Ranch

They say true cowboys are a dying breed. That ranching is no way to make a living anymore. If that’s so, the hands at the Diamond Cross Ranch must never have gotten the memo.

One of the last family-owned horse and cattle operations in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the Diamond Cross traces its heritage back to the turn of the 20th Century—when a Swiss immigrant and his wife, with little more to their name than the clothes on their backs and a determination in their spirits, homesteaded in the lee of the Grand Teton mountains.

It was a tough existence. The land couldn’t grow anything besides cattle, the early pioneers would joke. The winters were long and harsh. Heavy snows and frigid temperatures tested the wills of even hardest frontiersmen. But Fred and Caroline Feuz (pronounced FATES) were dogged in their resolve. Together they started one of the valley’s first successful Hereford cattle businesses and what would become the Diamond Cross.

The Feuz legacy has been handed down now five generations. From Walt, the second eldest son among eleven children, to he and his wife Betty’s four daughters—all trailblazers on their own merit—and now on to their children and grandchildren. It’s still not an easy way of life, but the very work ethic that built the Diamond Cross Ranch seems to run in the genes.

For as long as any of the family can remember, Stetson has been synonymous with work on the ranch. There’s a certain pride a cowboy or cowgirl takes in their hat. For these stewards of the land, the dust and sweat along their brims is a badge of honor. It’s earned, not given—and at the Diamond Cross, it’s certainly been earned.

Today, the ethos of the West—hard work, independence and faith—remain the bedrock of day-to-day operations at the Diamond Cross. The cattle herd has thinned as challenges have grown, and the bunk house that once housed cowhands year-round now sits empty during the quiet months of winter. But pay a visit during a spring cattle drive or the fall haying season and you’ll find the vibrant traditions of the Old West alive and well.

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“We’re blessed to share the rugged beauty of Jackson Hole with visitors from across the globe,” they explain. “Just be sure to wear your hat.”

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