Stetson Stories

Edible Adventures with In Season

Words and photos by Sofia Jaramillo

In Season is a shared creative culinary venture that provides high quality, organic and locally sourced nourishment to gatherings under the Tetons in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Teton Valley, Idaho by Franny and Blaine.

Just like their connection to the food they source, their relationship with each other is strong. Blaine grew up in the Tetons. Franny grew up just south of Munich, Germany, but moved to Jackson in high school where she met Blaine. They bonded over their shared love for food and zest for adventure. 

In 2016, a bike trip across the Alps in Germany changed their lives. Along the way, they connected with farmers and the land. They learned about the pastoral food chain in the Alps and how it functions with the seasons. They arrived back in the United States inspired to practice the traditions they learned and ready to start a business. 

Over 3 years ago, Franny and Blaine created In Season, a wood-fired pizza trailer business that goes beyond the traditional understanding of catering. With ethos centered around nourishment, community and the earth, they’ve transformed what started as a small sourdough bread share company, stationed out of their garage, into a unique mobile food experience.

Sara Jaramillo visits Franny and Blaine in Teton Valley, Idaho to share their Stetson Story.

We walk through a large canyon filled with lush berry bushes and flowers.  Franny and Blaine are foraging for edible plants for their next menu. With the help of their friends, Jenna and Amanda of Parakolo Provisions, and some books for referencing, they move patiently and presently through the canyon floor, their eyes peeled for edible treats like huckleberries, wild dandelion greens, anise and yarrow. 

Nourishment. Community. Earth.

— In Season

Franny and Blaine have worked to develop authentic connections with local farmers and purveyors of their community as well as the land in order to make their venture work. It takes a village.

Blaine wears the Route 66 hat and the Modern Snap Front Western Shirt.

Franny wears the Bozeman Outdoor Hat and the Denim Jumper.


Franny picks up goat cheese from the local Winter Winds Goat Farm in the morning. Young goats bounce around us gleefully and baby kittens roam the property. Later that day, they source veggies at Sweet Hollow Farm. With a warm smile co-owner Jonah Sloven, hands Franny a box full of fresh greens, squash, radish, carrots and herbs. Soon this brilliant package of fresh goods will end up on dinner plates for their guests. At both farms, I noticed the collective power of Franny and the owners. Together the farms and In Season are a strong force working to keep food systems local and sustainable.

Using high-quality organic vegetables from farms and locally sourced edible plants, each menu they make provides nourishing and healthy ingredients.

They are in tune with the forest and the farms and deliver food unique to each season. 

In order to take their concept on the road, they launched a Kickstarter in February successfully raising enough funds to purchase a 1990’s horse trailer to build a mobile wood-fired oven.

Now with the finished trailer, they are offering backyard Sourdough Pizza Workshops. They hope to bring communities together while teaching about the value of locally sourced food.

What they offer isn’t simply a dinner, it is a transformative experience into the spiritual world of food. 

For their first pizza workshop experience in Wilson, WY, Franny and Blaine show up to the dinner ready to share their respect for the food they source and an ever-evolving willingness to adapt. Professional stylist Mika Dubbe decorates a long picnic table with hand dyed clothes, local wildflowers and fruits. Aspen leaves chatter in the wind and the wood-fired oven burns. They rewild the palette of their guests. Sharing information about the ingredients of each course, they connect the bellies and minds of their guests to the greater Yellowstone ecosystem’s food system. 

For Franny and Blaine, their business is not only about how beautiful each dish looks or how delicious it tastes, it’s also about giving their guests something beyond the typical dining experience. The food they provide is not only exquisite, but the experience is unforgettable. They provide space to unwind, relax and connect to the land. With full bellies and replenished minds, guests leave the evenings experience with a new understanding of the power of community and food.