Stetson Stories

150 Years of Genuine American Heritage

Meet The Maker: Odin Leather Goods

Photographer Steven Visneau visits Odin Leather Goods in Texas. The first time I met Odin was at a craft fair where my wife and I ran a booth. We would take turns running the booth while the other would go search for other vendors that we liked. Usually, we would spend more than we made

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Conservation at Caprock Canyons State Park

Photographer, Tristin Lain, and writer, Max Westheimer visit the public lands at Caprock State Park and witness the extraordinary efforts of conserving the native Texan Bison population. Here’s their Stetson story. As we bumped over the cattle guard into Caprock Canyons State Park, the fog lifted, and we laid eyes on one of the five

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Hunting featuring the Realtree collection

Photography by Michael Penn Jr

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Interview with Grace Askew

Photography and words by Heath Herring. Nobody goes looking for home in a place like Cline’s Corners. It’s not there. People crossing paths in a place like this are coming, going or running away from something nobody’s talking about way out here on the fringe. It’s nobody’s home and they’re not hanging around long enough

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Open Minds Open Roads

Written by Benji Peck Photography: stevenvisneauphotography Creative Direction: Benji Peck for PDA Models: Madi Kutz, Danielle Kress, Kendall Word, Benji Peck The prairie swings long arcs across the sky. Double yellow lines divide and rejoin like a beautifully timed pirouette. In the rear view I catch a glimpse of long straight hair, carefree and wild

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Ranch Manager, Jessie Allen

“My family has been in this part of Wyoming for six generations. I’ve worked on my family’s wilderness guest ranch all my life and now I’m taking it over. We spend each Summer and Fall in the mountains guiding pack trips and Winter is a quiet time on the homeplace in the valley. Like most

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