Stetson Stories

150 Years of Genuine American Heritage

Summer State of Mind

Our Summer 2020 lookbook takes us to sunny California with photography by Jenavieve Blair. Made for warm days and sunny skies, Stetson straw hats are handwoven using high-grade straw designed to help you keep your cool. Open Road Straw Hat in Cognac “What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to

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Sustainable Ranching at Carman Ranch

There’s an art to cooking a perfect steak. Stetson pays the experts at Carman Ranch in Wallowa, OR a visit to learn straight from the professionals. Photography by Joe Haeberle Shop Stetson Western Straw Hats Perched on the banks of the river for which it is named, Wallowa is one of many charming outposts along

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At Home on the Range with Buffalo Kin

Photography by Andrew Stanbridge Seth & Katelyn are both from rural, northwestern Pennsylvania.  Seth often makes the joke that there are more cows than people where they’re from, but that was before he came to Fossil, OR. As for how they came to Oregon, Katelyn was in her first year of graduate school and Seth

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Setting Sail on July 4th

A sailing adventure with Mr. Badger & Co in Rhode Island. Photography by Maaike Bernstrom. Mr. Badger was built in 1957 in Lemwerder, Germany at the highly regarded Abeking and Rasmussen Shipyard. Out of the 103 designed and built 102 still remain. These yachts are said to transcend time and space with master craftsmanship and

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Fly to Table in Taos, New Mexico

By Michael Weidemann All around the world, on any given evening, thousands of stories are being swapped across bar tops and counters. Even more, are being swapped behind them. That’s how Michael first met Chris Castro, a local designer turned cocktail and food writer turned restaurant owner. They sat down as Michael interviewed for a

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City Edit: New Straw Fedoras

Exploring Boston with photographer Maaike Bernstrom Shop New Straw Fedoras Latte Straw Hat Nantucket Straw Hat Realist Straw Hat Alimeter Starw Fedora Models: Ferns Francois Chris Garafola Tatiana

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