Stetson Stories

150 Years of Genuine American Heritage

Traditional Beadwork with the Harris Sisters

Stetson Stories Keeping Tradition Alive with the Harris Sisters The Harris sisters are a trio creating traditional Native American beadwork in their hometown of Pendleton, OR. Photography by Sean Carr Harris Sisters Co was founded by sisters Katie, Anna, and Mary in Pendleton, OR. The sisters are from the Nez Perce, Cayuse, Umatilla, and Karuk

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A redesign for the ages

Artist Spotlight Multidisciplinary Illustrator Nathan Yoder shares more about the process of creating the newly refreshed Stetson crest. Yondr Studio was invited by Dallas, TX based, Tractorbeam to collaborate on this legendary rebrand. Nathan reworked the historical crest that has represented Stetson since the founding in 1865 to modernize the look while honoring the past. 

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A Return to the simple life: Modern Farmhouse Renovation

Stetson Stories A Modern Farmhouse Renovation It’s not every day you get the opportunity to reset and go back to a simpler way of life. LA-based photographer Jenavieve and partner, Kyle take us on their journey of renovating a 1920’s farmhouse. LA-based photographer Jenavieve Belair is from Minnesota where growing up meant days spent in

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Homesteading with Shele Jeanne Jessee

Stetson Stories Homesteading with Shele Jeanne Jessee Hide tanner, maker, horsewoman. Just a few ways to begin to describe Shele. She lives her life rooted in tradition on the Central Coast of California, on Salinan-Chumash territory. Follow her here.  Photography by Ben Christensen Previous Next Shele Jeanne Jessee grew up on a 1200-acre ranch in

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Musician Kirk Thurmond

Everyday Essentials with Kirk Thurmond Born in Dallas, Texas, Kirk Thurmond is a singer/songwriter with a distinctive sound that spans several genres, including soul, pop, and R&B, with authenticity remaining at the core. By Tyler Ellison No dress hat beats the Stratoliner for understated character and stately presence. Made from high-quality felt and dyed in

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Carpe Diem featuring Cowboy Antonio

Carpe Diem featuring cowboy antonio Antonio James lives in Brownsville, TX. He’s a photographer, family man, and all-around cowboy. Photography by Ivan McClellan Previous Next “ I think a cowboy is any man that takes whatever the world throws at him, picks up his grit, and rides with it like GOLD. My name is Antonio

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