Stetson Stories

150 Years of Genuine American Heritage

Cultivating Perspective

“A close friend of mine once told me, ‘You’re truly faced with yourself when you’re sober and alone.’” says Benjamin Peterson, a Portland-based creative. Things hit pause when faced with a new reality of the pandemic of COVID-19. After a decade of managing and leading the presentation of other people’s creative work, the opportunity arrived

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Summer Edit

Photography by Maaike Bernstrom Model, Marial Maher It’s summer and time for wandering. The lightweight denim jumper makes summer style easy. On trend in the desert or the city. Santa Fe Outdoor Hat Lightweight Denim Jumper This straight-leg jumpsuit features a straight low back with hidden buttons for strap length adjustment, back patch pockets and

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Stetson Stories: The Chase Home

By Briana Malmquist Nestled in the foothills of the Mission Mountains outside of Ronan, Montana sits the home of the Cheff Guest Ranch and Legacy Outfitters, a fourth-generation run operation with strong family ties to the Mission Valley. In 1933, at 18 years old, Bud and Adelle Cheff started taking clients hunting in the backcountry.

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Stetson Stories: A New Frontier with 1924us

1924us is a petite branding agency dedicated to preserving the practices of the early 1900s in relevant fields of expertise: photography, branding, writing, design, and archiving. Founded in the fall of 2009 by Christian Watson, 1924us has since branded for over two hundred companies, creating visual identities through any means of story-telling possible. “Driving through

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Stetson Stories: Jessup Family Ranch

Story and photography by Samuel Martin. Grace and her husband, Sebron Jessup are first-generation ranchers in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. For Grace, the real joy of owning their ranch is doing work together as a family. From bottle-feeding the kid goats to cleaning the barn and helping milk the does, each one feels that

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Stetson Stories: Medicine Bow Lodge

Photography by Mike Penn Jr Medicine Bow Lodge opened as a guest ranch on July 15, 1917. Jessie More and her brother-in-law George “Baldy” Sisson built the lodge to give people from the east a place to vacation. Since 2002, Tim and Debbie Bishop have owned and managed Medicine Bow Lodge. The lodge remains the

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