Stetson Stories

150 Years of Genuine American Heritage

Setting Sail on July 4th

A sailing adventure with Mr. Badger & Co in Rhode Island. Photography by Maaike Bernstrom. Mr. Badger was built in 1957 in Lemwerder, Germany at the highly regarded Abeking and Rasmussen Shipyard. Out of the 103 designed and built 102 still remain. These yachts are said to transcend time and space with master craftsmanship and

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Fly to Table in Taos, New Mexico

By Michael Weidemann All around the world, on any given evening, thousands of stories are being swapped across bar tops and counters. Even more, are being swapped behind them. That’s how Michael first met Chris Castro, a local designer turned cocktail and food writer turned restaurant owner. They sat down as Michael interviewed for a

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City Edit: New Straw Fedoras

Exploring Boston with photographer Maaike Bernstrom Shop New Straw Fedoras Latte Straw Hat Nantucket Straw Hat Realist Straw Hat Alimeter Starw Fedora Models: Ferns Francois Chris Garafola Tatiana

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Cultivating Perspective

“A close friend of mine once told me, ‘You’re truly faced with yourself when you’re sober and alone.’” says Benjamin Peterson, a Portland-based creative. Things hit pause when faced with a new reality of the pandemic of COVID-19. After a decade of managing and leading the presentation of other people’s creative work, the opportunity arrived

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Summer Edit

Photography by Maaike Bernstrom Model, Marial Maher It’s summer and time for wandering. The lightweight denim jumper makes summer style easy. On trend in the desert or the city. Santa Fe Outdoor Hat Lightweight Denim Jumper This straight-leg jumpsuit features a straight low back with hidden buttons for strap length adjustment, back patch pockets and

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Stetson Stories: The Chase Home

By Briana Malmquist Nestled in the foothills of the Mission Mountains outside of Ronan, Montana sits the home of the Cheff Guest Ranch and Legacy Outfitters, a fourth-generation run operation with strong family ties to the Mission Valley. In 1933, at 18 years old, Bud and Adelle Cheff started taking clients hunting in the backcountry.

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