Stetson Stories

150 Years of Genuine American Heritage

Stetson Stories: Seeker Straw Collection On The Road

At the onset of COVID-19, Douglas and his girlfriend, Emily were living on the road in a van. Limited water, food storage, showers, and bathrooms became the top concerns for living this lifestyle during this time. Not to mention being confined to 70 square feet of livable space with two dogs. It was time for

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Stetson Stories: Bull Rider Ouncie Mitchell

Just a few months ago, photographer Ivan McClellan visited bull rider, Ouncie Mitchell in Houston, TX. At a small muddy arena in Crosby, Texas Ouncie fights his way back riding bull after bull to get back in shape. Last season he got caught in his bull rope and a bull broke his leg, ending his

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Artist Feature: Tyana Arviso

Photography by Heath Herring My name is Tyana Arviso. I am a freelance, Navajo artist. I reside in the high desert of southwest Colorado. Things are a bit different on this corner of the earth, both desert and mountain landscapes sit in my backyard. My heart gravitates towards the desert, it is my sanctuary. My

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Stetson Stories: Matt Smiley of Whispering Beat Horsemanship

Story and photography by Heath Herring My name is Matt Smiley. I’m a horse trainer here in the Navajo Nation and the owner of Whispering Beat Horsemanship. My story begins at my grandparents’ ranch, Billy Ranch in Manuelito, New Mexico. I was raised by a single mother. There was no male figure on my side

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Stetson Stories: Winter in Vermont

Photography by Maaike Bernstrom Stetson goods are hand-crafted for enduring style and durability through all seasons. Introducing the Ultralight Stratoliner Fedora. Its ultralight weight means it’s crushable, travel-friendly and outdoors ready. Made of extra soft felt. For travel and every day, you’ll appreciate the versatility of crushable Stetson hats. The Men’s Leather Quilted Jacket is

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Stetson Stories: Winter on the Ranch

Back to Basics with Brad Karl and photography by Marisa Anderson Days start early on the ranch and it doesn’t matter how cold it is, ranch work doesn’t end. Outdoorsmen keep coming to Stetson for hats, boots, and apparel designed to protect them through the toughest conditions. Brad wears the Skyline 6X . The Skyline

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