Stetson Summer Series: Surfing the Oregon Coast

Story and photography by Sean Carr

Hats featured: Open Road 6x and Bozeman Outdoor Hat.

Short Sand beach is a local favorite of Oregon surfers. It’s a quiet cove down a meandering trail to the sand. On weekends it’s full of surfers, campfires, and families enjoying the sun. Weekdays are less populated and left mostly to the surfers and the occasional tourist. The hike down passes by trees as big around as your surfboard is long. It’s a mix of old growth and lush greenery as you follow the streamside trail over the bridge to the first steps down to the water. Even on days with flat waves like the one we experienced, it’s beautiful here. 

Jordan, TJ and Lindsey are able to capitalize on the good days of surf as they all work remotely and live near Cannon Beach. Jordan and Lindsey have moved around a bit from surf town to surf town. Living on the coast allows him and his wife to hit the surf whenever it’s good, which is often. 

This day was the exception. The waves were particularly flat. Experienced in flat water days, Jordan remembered the beer and brats that he tucked safely in the cooler. Before the day was called a loss, Jordan, TJ and his wife, Lindsey tried to salvage a few waves. It was a valiant effort. Even if there were no waves to be had, there would be frothy goodness by the campfire. 

As the efforts to catch waves faded, we set up the campfire, cracked open some beers and carved some driftwood sticks to cook the brats. A bald eagle soared overhead as the sun set behind the haze filled horizon. The beer supply dwindled as did the campfire. It was time to head back home. 

“Stetson and surfing don’t go hand in hand at first glance admittedly. TJ told me his dad was a cowboy and swore by Stetson. A black hat for dress and a straw for the casual days. It’s nice to see those family traditions be passed down from father to son. At the end of the day, Stetson is more than a hat, it’s a tradition. And sometimes it’s good to start new ones. Yeewwww!”