Home with Cara Crossley and Open Road Florals

Cara Crossley was born and raised in South Texas. Needless to say, she’s easily influenced by brilliant sunsets, the open road, and wild Texas tumbleweed. That loose, untamed, easygoing attitude comes to the forefront in all of her designs. They’re big, beautiful and striking on film. It’s no wonder, either, with a degree in photography Cara understands how life looks through the lens. She knows how to create florals with depth and character that won’t upstage an event but add to it in every way. This is her story with photography by Rowdy Dugan,  Documentary & Lifestyle Photographer based in Marfa, TX.


I knew the first time I came to West Texas that this is where I belong. Things are slower around here.
I feel like I can breathe. Far West Texas always held a special place in my heart. I spent every birthday here for 5 years before moving to Marfa in 2015.

Much of my life involved styling for retail. I eventually hit a wall after almost a decade in managing clothing stores. At about the same time, I walked into my local flower shop and asked if they were hiring. They were, and it’s been my career ever since. Life is funny like that, ya know? I’ve always had a great love for plants and flowers. I’ve worked in floral design for 5 years now, specializing in destination weddings and large-scale installations.

I’m opening Open Road Florals because it’s time. I spend half the year on the road for destinations weddings. I want to pair that with working where I live. West Texas inspires me. I incorporate the natural elements of this landscape in my designs: textures such as grasses and tumbleweeds. I also draw inspiration from the spirit of Texas: my vibe is a combination of George Straits “Drinking Champagne” and Rocky Erickson’s “Starry Eyes”.

Stetson is part of the heritage I love. I got my first Stetson in my twenties. I feel most like myself wearing this hat (Vintage Tejano). I love the history that comes with Stetson. I have nine Stetsons. It makes me think about the legacy of Texans either hard at work or with humor–LBJ and his amphicar!

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Open Road Florals is about doing the work I love in the place I love. Open Road is also about being on the road. A big part of what I do involves travel. Work should be fun. I shake my boots out in the morning and thank my lucky stars.

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