Making a name out West

Through a series of the most fortunate events, I have landed into a life where we build a fence to last, a truck is a pickup unless it has 18 wheels, and a day on horseback beats just about anything else. Here is a glimpse of my life through my lens.

I wake up early every morning. A habit that I likely picked up from my dad. There is something inherently refreshing about the start of a new day. Catching the suns first rays in my cup of coffee gives me the fuel to make the day count.

I walk fast, I wake up early, I drink coffee, and I have BIG dreams. Not the kind of dreams that would land me in a ritzy café in LA rubbing elbows with celebs…those are someone else’s dreams. My dreams are my own and are the right size for a girl with a last name no one out West really knows. They are the dreams of a girl who grew up with sandy toes and salty blonde hair but has her heart set on the West.

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I’m originally from Bellingham, Washington. A coastal city. I’ve made my way to De Beque, Colorado. Here, your family name means a lot to folks unlike where I’m from. It can be a blessing and a curse as it’s a tight-knit community and everyone knows everyone. Back home I am a Gerstenkorn, German in origin. Here, well, I’m not from these parts so people have a hard time pronouncing it. My blessings are many but I’ve had to make a name for myself out West, my family didn’t buy acreage from “Gus”, the local town landowner. It’s made me work harder and appreciate life deeper.

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My continually restless heart has always been ready to wander West from the very moment I saw this country from under my sturdy Stetson and from in-between the ears of my horse. The next adventure is Wyoming.

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Photography for the last two images by @mariancole14