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A Celebration: The Bones of J.R. Jones

Over the course of three full-length albums and two EPs, Jonathon Robert Linaberry — the songwriter, storyteller, visual artist, and one-man band behind The Bones of J.R. Jones — has woven his own tapestry of American roots music.


Photographer Peter Crosby met with Jonathan in Upstate New York to record an exclusive video for his single, “Bad Moves.”


“Bad Moves” is the latest single from The Bones of J.R. Jones forthcoming record, “A Celebration.”


Few places have left J.R. feeling as inspired as the American Southwest, an area whose desert panoramas and infinite horizons inspired the songs on his newest release, A Celebration. Written during trips to Tucson, Bisbee, Joshua Tree, and other desert destinations, the six-song EP is everything its title promises: a celebration of the thrill of getting lost in something new, whether it’s a landscape, a sound, a perspective, or all of the above.

Much like artist, the new Pure Stratoliner is a classic style for the modern world. With only a handful in production, the Pure Stratoliner is built from fur felt for unbeatable softness and resilience.