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A New Frontier with 1924us

1924us is a petite branding agency dedicated to preserving the practices of the early 1900s in relevant fields of expertise: photography, branding, writing, design, and archiving.

Founded in the fall of 2009 by Christian Watson, 1924us has since branded for over two hundred companies, creating visual identities through any means of story-telling possible.

“Driving through our new home in Australia’s coastal forests, we ended up finding ourselves at a vast shallow lake right as the storms came in. We took some pictures, listened to old music, and took our pup Piccolo the whole way.”

Christian and Elle

Two years ago, Christian and Elle moved from the U.S. to Australia. Leaving behind the small-goods makers they’d worked alongside for so many years was a difficult thing to do. Legacy is very important to them both.

“Venture Onward” ~ 1924us motto

Through many years of travel, Christian has collected vintage Stetson hats that he came across at old shops along the way in the most remote parts of the states. Their ability to stand the test of time for the opportunity to be given a new life once discovered by a new owner filled Christian with nostalgia for what he may be leaving behind in the states. Once arriving in Australia, they’ve created a new network of amazing local makers and craftsmen. They’ve also discovered Stetson Australia. All of the pieces of their new life adventure have come together including reminders from home and the American touch a Stetson can bring.

Studio photos by Ben Sowry


“It’s been an honor wearing these for years, and to work on this little shoot for Stetson was a small dream come true. Stetson inspires so many especially the younger generations to do better with less and to invest in things that last.”

Stetson King’s Row Firm Felt Hat