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Antelope Island State Park Bison Roundup

Over a thousand miles of country between our destination, two Midwest families took off for West Utah. Drawn by the promise of a rare cowboy and cowgirl experience, we set up camp outside of Salt Lake City for the 32nd annual Antelope Island State Park Bison Roundup.

Story and photography by Ann Millington. Visit her work here.

Beginning with an all-rider meeting after sunrise, we donned our Stetsons and greeted nearly 300 riders. Our saddled horses were shaking with nerves, hooves pounding the ground, neighs going up across the hills. 

We rode 15 miles, herding hundreds of buffalo across the hills, up Heartbreak Hill and down through the rocks to new grazing land. It was a long, amazing day on horseback. The experience was even more rewarding with good company, sturdy horses, a classic Stetson, and a successful buffalo roundup.

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Sunset Ride 4X.