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Exploring Rancho La Pila with Seager Co.

In late May, Seager Company set out for another epic journey south of the border, with a handful of Outlaws (Seager friends & ambassadors), Stetson, and a few coolers full of cervezas.

They headed Southeast with Stetsons in hand to a ranch called Rancho La Pila, where they traveled seven miles on dirt roads until they were at its wooden gates. Here they met the incredible landowner Marty Harriman, who led them into her 1,000-acre property with a huge smile on her face. She introduced us to Head rancher, Rodrigo, who has spent the last 40 years working on this ranch.

The main objective was to learn the ways of the ranch, assist in herding cattle and to enjoy each other’s good company. The trip panned out to be a week full of off-roading, cattle driving and searching for good waves in unfamiliar places. Here is their photo essay. Photos by Ryan Valasek (@snackfarmer)

“Being the heritage brand that it is, Stetson is one of the last real American Western companies and being aligned with such a respected company is an honor. It’s a feeling of tradition and happiness to be out on the open range, sporting a worn-in beaver felt hat. With that, we hope that in good company, Stetson and Seager will help push the idea of a strong, humbled, and spirited outdoor lifestyle. The West, as it once was.”

Head rancher, Rodrigo.

Seager Company is owned and operated by four friends who found a niche in the outdoor and surf market. Founded in San Diego, CA, Elliott, Mattson, Calvin, and Case worked to combine the grit and ruggedness of the Old West with classic surf style.

Seager Company aspires to bring back the respected and spirited lifestyle of the traditional cowboy/outdoorsman. They aim to exemplify the feeling of hard work and high reward.

Long days on the trail followed by a well-lit fire and a cold Banquet are not uncommon for these folks. Neither are the days trekking far outside their comfort zones in order to find uncrowded surf breaks. Seager Company honors the skillful outdoorsmen who like to get lost out in the wilderness, those who get their hands dirty. Follow them on Instagram: @seager_co