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Introducing the Monument Collection with Stages West

Inspired by the strength and vitality of the American outdoors, Stetson launches its newest addition to our Western offerings, The Stetson Monument Collection with a grand celebration at Stages West this Saturday, October 13th, 2018.

Read along for our interview with the team at Stages West in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, and take a sneak peek at the latest collection.

When did the store open?

The store in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee first opened in 1975. For three generations it has been family owned and operated, maintaining a strong commitment to family, faith, and country.

In August of 2015, fire heavily damaged the store, causing it to close their doors for nearly a year. After months of patient preparation and rebuilding, they officially reopened and returned bigger, better and bolder than ever.

How has your store shaped Tennessee hat culture?

We believe that we’ve helped people become more comfortable wearing hats, as well as informing the public of the dangers of ballcaps – they aren’t fully protecting you from the sun. So many people don’t think they can wear hats, but it’s all about finding styles comfortable and fitting to your lifestyle.

What’s the best advice for a first-time hat buyer?

Get a hat that fits properly—in both size and style. There are enough headaches in life, and your hat shouldn’t be one of them. You need to be comfortable in both the fit and style of the hat. Do you. Don’t buy a hat style just because you saw someone else wear it – buy something that’s right for you.

What hat faux pas do you see most often?

Most often we see people leaving hats where they shouldn’t. People leave hats in hot cars causing them to warp. People tend to store hats or set them down improperly – hats are supposed to be set down on their crowns, so upside down, not on their rims. setting the hats down on their crown, the weight is distributed ensuring the shape of the brim doesn’t change. There’s an old saying for this reasoning – “so you don’t pour out your luck.” We also see people wearing hats backward.

Our advice:

When buying a hat, allow the hat to be a reflection of you – of what you want to be, your personality, aspirations, purpose. The hat should reflect your lifestyle.  For hat care, we tell buyers this advice: Don’t leave your hat anywhere you wouldn’t leave your kids. For example, you wouldn’t leave your kids in a hot car.

The Monument Collection

Cut from the finest leathers, and handcrafted using traditional materials and processes, this timeless collection offers versatile and unique designs, that are built to last.

As it did in 1865, Stetson today embodies the resourceful, authentic, and diverse American spirit. Rich in history, the story of Stetson continues in step with the journey of America – ever evolving and timeless.

Stetson Premier Leather – 100% proudly made in the USA.

Stop by Stages West on Saturday, October 13th for the exclusive debut and launch of Stetson’s Monument Hat Collection. For a limited time, Stages West will be the exclusive seller of Stetson’s very first leather hat collection!

With a variety of styles all inspired by America’s most beautiful National Parks, these hats are perfect for the adventurer in all of us! Made the right way–right here in the USA, Stetson Monument hats come in many materials. From waterproof to crushable leather styles, these hats are prepared for your next trip into the wild and great outdoors!

Be sure to arrive early between 9am-10am to receive 20% off your Stetson Monument Collection purchase!

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