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Living Off the Land

This photo essay series is an authentic look at not only the way Josh and Brooke live today but a visual of the ‘live off the land’ necessity that pioneers demonstrated when they forged the west many years ago. Whether it be logging for winter warmth, farming, fishing, hunting, or baking the daily bread, it’s all about preparation and survival for the winter months. Being situated amongst the vast amount of natural resources allows Josh and Brooke to understand the timeless effect of North America. Getting back to the basics takes sacrifice, but with hard work, there’s always an abundant return.

Brooke is wearing the Santa Fe Outdoor hat.

Joshua is an outdoorsman born and raised on the rugged coast of Vancouver Island Canada to a long line of commercial fishermen. With his admiration for the pioneers of the past, his ambition is to put in the same blood and sweat that they would use. Currently, Josh is a part-time artist and operates a small vegetable farm which plays a role in living a self-sufficient lifestyle.

This photo essay was taken mostly on his land in Black Creek, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada or on the Oyster River, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

Joshua S. Hansen @joshuahansen and Brooke Rempel @theburntlife_

All photos were taken by them.

*Special Note* The couple, now married, were engaged during the photoshoot for this story!