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Living Rural

Open spaces, farm fields, fence lines, old trucks, back roads, big sky, rodeo nights, boots and calloused hands. Small town living on mountain time.  A slower pace of life, where there’s always work to do. Not a lot going on and yet so much getting done.

By Photographer Camrin Dengel

You’ve learned it’s not for everyone. In a place where cattle out number the people, the beer is cheap in quality, but not in price, you can eat at every restaurant in this town and the next town over before the end of the week…twice. You might get stuck behind a tractor on the highway, but it’s worth it. You might even decide you love the place for those things instead of in spite of them.

Old barns and silos stand with pride, as it’s a feat to withstand the seasonal storms that blow through. Roads filled with potholes, kick up dust that drifts in through open windows. Dump trucks pass with loads of spuds, stacked high enough you can see a few spill over the sides.

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A place where denim on denim isn’t a statement, it’s classic. No one cares if you’ve got goat poop smeared into the knees of your jeans. It’s a place where dogs have jobs and no desire to retire. It’s a small town. It’s rural living.

Photographer Bio

Lifestyle photographer, Camrin Dengel is a storyteller with a focus in slow living. Raised in rural Alaska, she now calls Teton Valley, Idaho her home. Her work explores the theme of returning to our roots with images that feel honest and reminiscent with their film-like quality.

Website: | Instagram: @camrindeng | Facebook: Camrin Dengel | Pinterest: @camrindengel