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Medicine Bow Lodge

Photography by Mike Penn Jr

Medicine Bow Lodge opened as a guest ranch on July 15, 1917. Jessie More and her brother-in-law George “Baldy” Sisson built the lodge to give people from the east a place to vacation. Since 2002, Tim and Debbie Bishop have owned and managed Medicine Bow Lodge. The lodge remains the ideal escape for folks from the crowded, busy cities to come be surrounded by peace and serenity. Medicine Bow Lodge is located in the Snowy Range Mountains of Wyoming’s Medicine Bow National Forest.


Debbie and Tim Bishop bought Medicine Bow Lodge in 2002. Debbie recalls,

“I remember the day as ridiculously windy and Tim saying ‘someday, this is where I wanna live’ and I laughed at him and sarcastically replied ‘yeah, right.’”

Nineteen years later, they found themselves amid the Snowy Range Mountains at 8,200 in elevation in the great state of Wyoming, as official managers, and owners of Medicine Bow Lodge. As of today, they have been married for thirty-six years.

While this was a big transition for both of them, they supported one another. No matter the challenges, they both agreed that running the ranch is very rewarding because of the people who stay with them.

“We serve our guests so they leave with more than what they came with”

Medicine Bow Lodge operates as a guest dude ranch during late spring, summer, and fall. The ranch is known for its diverse horseback riding program. Tim, along with his staff of handpicked wranglers go out of their way to make certain the young, and young at heart feel confident and comfortable in the saddle. The trails take you through the pristine snowy range mountains and meadows giving you breathtaking views wherever you look.

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“A good hat never leaves your head when the wind hits it.”