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Nathalie Kossek & Her Stetson

Excerpt From an Interview with Babes Ride Out

Nathalie is Wearing the Tom Mix 6X Cowboy Hat

How did you first hear about Stetson?

I heard about Stetson when I was around 7. I was obsessed with horses and from that age until about 17 I rode western and English – competing in things like barrel racing to jumping. I volunteered from 15-17 leading trail rides and herding the horses into the stalls in the morning. All the ranch hands had Stetsons and I so badly wanted one. Having one made you an “official” respected ranch hand.

What drew you to the Tom Mix?

I picked out the “Tom Mix” because it’s one of the largest hats I’ve ever seen. I actually had them flatten out the brim at the shop to make it wider and added the feather to make it more my own. I plan on getting a great band for it soon, just waiting for the right one. I remember walking past a window in Seattle and literally walking backwards, backtracking to the display where my hat was sitting. I knew right then, I found my forever hat. I’m going to be buried in this thing.

How does wearing a hat make you feel?

It makes me feel like my look is complete. I just really love a good accessory and especially one that not a lot of people feel like they can pull off. Which is silly… you should just do what you want and enjoy life; it’s just a hat. But then again, it’s not. You can be really pulled into a different world and character by what you wear. I feel like a lot of people stare when they see this hat, which I sort of really enjoy. Why not!? Harry Winston said, “People will stare. Make it worth their while.”