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Talking songcraft, style, and Stetsons with the up-and-coming Dallas singer-songwriter. Plus: an exclusive performance of his new single

By Andrew Paine Bradbury
Photography & Video by Steven Visneau

Twenty-one-year-old Parker Twomey has a preternatural gift for crafting wise, worn tunes of innocence, grounded in experience beyond his years. His introduction to music began as a child with a guitar from his dad, and piano lessons from his grandmother and by his early teens, he was writing his own songs. Soon after graduating from Dallas’s arts-focused Booker T. Washington High School, Twomey hit the road, playing iconic venues like Colorado’s Red Rocks amphitheater and The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

Twomey is described as equal parts country-folk songwriter and “Americana road warrior” who makes “timeless music for the modern world.” Currently on tour backing up country musician Paul Cauthen, Twomey is preparing for the release of his debut album. We recently caught up with him at Modern Electric Sound Recorders in Dallas, where he also gave us an exclusive performance of his new single “Counting Down The Days.”

You’re young, yet there’s a maturity to your writing. Have you always expressed yourself creatively and musically?

I was born an old soul. It was obvious to those around me when I was growing up. I started playing music and writing songs when I was ten and knew immediately that it was my calling. My dad taught guitar, and I learned piano by ear around the same time, watching my Grandma. Once I started playing, I never looked back.

What’s the inspiration behind “Counting Down The Days”?

Counting Down The Days is an ode to the patience of love and embracing all it means to be young, wild, and free. It’s about putting our faith in the universe, God, or whatever you believe in, trusting that it’ll all work out the way it’s supposed to.


You have great covers on your YouTube channel; songs by Elliott Smith, Jason Isbell, and others. What draws you to cover a song? Are there any covers you like to play by yourself, but you never play for anyone besides your closest friends?

[Smith] introduced me to the depths of emotion, and Isbell introduced me to the depths of writing songs. Both melodic kings. Over the COVID lockdown, I had a lot of time on my hands. So I figured I’d record a few videos of me covering some of my favorites. Sometimes I’ll sing a Lorde song at the house when I’m just kicking it. I think she’s great.

Tell us about the sounds and the songs on your new album “All this Life.” In terms of vibe, it’s not strictly “country.”

[It] definitely has folk-country roots. It’s very celestial at times, melodic and lyrical. My favorite songwriters obsess over their craft. I’ve taught myself a lot, trying to match that energy and obsession. But so much of writing is your experience and imagination, and it’s all unique to you.


Your own experiences are documented on your Instagram feed, which is pinnacle Texas Country Cowboy Troubadour Livin’: Honky tonks, cold ones, and camping under the stars. It also showcases your sense of style—jeans, denims shirts, and more than a few cowboy hats. And you mix it up with a little ‘70s rockstar flair. Has this always been your vibe?

I love tour life. I’ve experienced so much in the last few years. It’s been a wild ride so far. And I always love a night under the stars when time allows.

How would you describe your personal style and aesthetic?

I’m big on Stetson hats, denim, V-necks, trucker hats, and turquoise. Typically, I’d choose vintage over new, but cool clothes are still made today. Who knows…? Maybe one day I’ll launch a clothing company.

What is your history with Stetson as a brand?

Stetson’s have always been around in my life. There’s not a lot of things that are as classic as them. I gravitate towards hats with a slightly lighter bend than a taco shell. I also really like the “Jameson” hat series. Style’s purpose is to highlight sides of our personality we want to project to the world, and I’ve always felt that Stetson suits my personality well.

Listen to Parker Twomey’s latest song “Counting Down The Days”, catch him on the road with Paul Cauthen this Summer, or follow him on Instagram here.