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Stetson X Taylor Stitch

Stetson and Taylor Stitch went on the road with photographer Brent Whaley and artist Shane Miller from Joshua Tree to Alabama hills and onto Yosemite.

Shane Miller is a self-taught artist who’s work explores the emotions of dreams, distant memories, and silent emotions left unexpressed. Through a contemporary approach, Shane depicts the landscapes of the mind in a way to allow the viewer to reflect on their own experiences. Shane wears the Dune 5X Gun Club Hat in Acorn

Shane and Brent met over a year ago when Brent drove down to Nashville, TN to pick up a piece Brent comissioned from Shane. The two struck up a friendship while visiting different bars around Nashville and have since been on a few adventures together.

 “He’s one of those rare friends I’ll friends I’ll have for the rest of my life.”

– Brent

The apparel Shane wears is by Taylor Stitch, products built for the long haul and use the most sustainable fabrics available – even if that means making it themselves.

Shane draws inspiration from his outdoor adventures.