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The Hat with No Name Seager Co x Stetson

There certainly is a feeling, a kind of a rush, that you get while watching a classic Western Clint Eastwood movie. You immediately connect with his character, making you wish you were out on the plains solving problems with few words and a six-shooter. That feeling you get from watching his films is something we wanted to reintroduce and is what inspired Seager Co to make this hat.

Introducing the – Hat With No Name – Seager Co x Stetson took the opportunity at hand to design a hat as close as possible to the hat Clint wore in Hang ‘Em High. We were awestruck by the mystique and uniqueness that the hat represented in the film. With its flat brim and low crown, the hat gave the Man with No Name (Clint Eastwood) his touch of style.

The Hat with No Name – features an almond-shaped crown, ribbon hat band and flat 3 1/2″ brim and includes an exclusive custom Seager Matchbox and made in Texas.

It has been a mission of Seager Co, to create hats that are unique, and wearable. And it is an honor to now uphold the standard of Stetson’s “Legendary Hats”. 

There is no question that this style will continue that tradition… as not too many things are more legendary than the Man with No Name.

Image of @mcabegregg was taken by @dukegonzo.

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