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Three Decades of Rodeo Tradition with Ramontay McConnell

Ramontay McConnell comes from three generations of bull riding, some of which are hall of famers. It’s safe to say the rodeo and ranch life are a deep part of his history.

Photography by Jesse Cornelius

The Stetson 1520 jean has a mid-rise and a relaxed fit with a boot leg opening.

Growing up on a cattle farm in Mississippi, his family focused on raising bulls bred for the rodeo. Through that life experience he gained toughness, humility and a hard work ethic that are a part of who he is today. Every stage of his life has had some involvement in the sport. Even as a student athlete who played football at Arizona State, he still held the passion and the longing for the rodeo from a distance and helped foster it by studying agriculture.

After college Ramontay moved to Oregon where he currently lives preparing for the next stages of his career. With title belt buckles from both the Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo and the Arizona Black Rodeo, Ramontay pursues moving onto a bigger platform. He pushes towards the end goal of building his own home, earned from the hard work of his hands and the skills he has as a rodeo rider.

Ramontay McConnell currently resides in Oregon where he stables his horse Ocean and prepares for the next rodeo tour. He calls Oregon his home for now, but he envisions building a house in a place like Montana after he’s done with his rodeo career. Being able to raise cattle and enjoy the freedoms of sprawling land that were alive and well in the Old American West, are the simple luxuries he hopes for in his future.