Thomas B. is a true Southern Californian Cowboy. His small ranch is nestled right outside of the Santa Monica Mountains where the land is a mixture of rolling hills, succulents, oak trees and the coastal sunshine. Tom tends to his variety of animals that roam the grounds surrounding the paint chipped and dust covered sheds. His collection includes a few horses, two of which are a white Mustang from Wyoming who is 11 and a Paint from Mexico that is speculated to be about 15.

Living out the true Vaquero lifestyle, tending to his land and animals, Tom wears his self shaped Stetson as a mark of his identity, representing the history and craft of the American way.

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About the photographer:

“My name is Jesse Cornelius and I’m a commercial photographer located in Southern California. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest with a love for the outdoors sewn into my childhood. My works is inspired by the raw clean feel of the Pacific Northwest, and secondly some amazing photographers that have influenced me and have come before me. 


Instagram: @jcorn_