Interview with Meyer the Hatter: New Orleans

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Meyer The Hatter  is the South’s Largest Hat Store. It was established in 1894 by Sam H. Meyer in the first block of St. Charles Avenue, in Downtown New Orleans. Originally called  Meyer’s Hat Box, the small shop prospered over the years by selling Stetson hats and men’s ties.  

 Expect to find good conversation, attentiveness and Meyer’s unique brand of hospitality. 

What is your most popular Stetson style?  

During the spring, the Gulfport does really well for us! People love the safari shape that protects your face, neck, and ears. It comes in a light color straw with a universal black band that looks great on men and women alike. Sam Meyer, whose our 93-year old third generation patriarch, actually helped design it! 

Would you say people are buying more hats than before?  

Hats have definitely seen a renaissance across the country, especially as it’s been taken on more by entertainers. But here in New Orleans, we’ve always been a hat wearing town, especially due to the heat and the springtime festival season.  

What hat faux pas do you see most often?  

We have a sign in the shop that reads: “No Pinching.” People are prone to picking their hats up by the crown instead of the brim. While it doesn’t automatically mean game over for your hat, it can definitely damage the shape of the crown over time. Further, if you do it enough to your straw hat, you can crack through the straw, leaving yourself SOL!

How has your store shaped New Orleans hat culture?  

Our store has been in operation for 124-years and we are lucky to have a loyal following amongst locals and visitors alike. We’ve outfitted everyone from bank Presidents to bank robbers. People know they can trust our expertise to help them find the correct piece of headwear because we’ve been doing it for generations. 

What’s the best advice for a first-time hat buyer?  

Wear the hat. Don’t let the hat wear you….And LOVE YOUR HATTITUDE!