Portrait of the artist: Sean Starr by Big D Speedshop

In addition to customizing motorcycles, Big D has an apparel line designed by artist Sean Starr.

Sean Starr started working full-time at his father’s company, Starr Kustom Paint when he was just 14 in the mid-1980s. He worked out of the back of his father’s ‘72 Chevy station wagon. He customized thousands of cars, trucks, airplanes and even Willie Nelson’s tour bus!

The Americana look is now translated into apparel designs for Big D Speedshop: Skulls, cowboy hats, and the combination of the two!

You can find Sean at his studio in Denton, Texas or in his gallery in Dallas’ Design District.

Sean wears the Boss of the Plains.

About Big D Speedshop

Based in Dallas, Texas, Big D Speedshop builds motorcycles with a particular interest in twins: Indians, Harleys, BMWs, Ducatis, Triumphs and others. One at a time, hand-fabrication. Their bikes and riding-style are very much town & country.

Check them out at instagram.com/big_d_speedshop/

About Sean Starr

Blending his background as a sign-painter, designer and illustrator Sean has achieved international reputation working with bands such as The Cranberries and The Toadies. As well as renowned brands like Indian Motorcycles, GAP and Sony Music. Starr works with the same traditional materials and techniques that have been used for centuries by sign painters, gilders and artisans.

More of his work can be seen at http://www.starrstudios.net/