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The Women of Nashville

Since moving to Nashville three years ago, Stylist and photographer Loren Maring has been constantly intrigued by the women who were brave enough to leave their rural roots to pursue their dreams in Music City. These women are a blend of strength and beauty–fierceness and femininity; each made her way from their open-aired family ranches to Nashville carrying a dream and a Stetson.

As a photographer, Loren’s desire was to capture the true essence of what makes each woman unique yet relatable by highlighting the people and places that built and shaped them. Here are their stories.

“It doesn’t matter how far away from home I get, I never lose those roots. I’d like to say I’m a little more refined now–but no matter what I’m doing, singing, saying, or wearing, the Texas in me will always be there.”

Catie Offerman.

Musician and writer, Catie Offerman wears a Stetson Range.


“Growing up within the untamed and wild landscape of New Mexico helped unleash the dreamer within me. Nashville has the same spirit, it allows the dreamer to believe in the impossible, that somehow their dream is possible and that nothing is too wild or out of reach.

– Stylist and writer Victoria Clemmons.

Victoria wears the Amish.


“Growing up listening to country music shaped what I began to love about ranching and the country-western lifestyle. It was songs like Cowboy Take Me Away, Troubadour, and The Cowboy in Me (to name a few) that romanticized the life I was exposed to on our ranch. I already loved it because of what my grandfather and uncle instilled in me. The music, though– that’s what made it beautiful. It made me want to make people feel the things I feel about the life I live and to do that on the highest level you have to be in Nashville.”

Jenna Paulette.

Jenna wears the Skyline.